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We are experts in creating social media content. One of the hardest things for companies now days is “How do I have a presence on social media constantly and most importantly cost effectively?”

This is an area that we excel at – how to get the most out of your budget. This is a great example of when preparation at the beginning will guarantee that we hit the mark. We know how to make video that appeals to the eye but we also know how to make smart video. For example, instead of filming a TV commercial and then cutting a smaller video snippet for the social media site as an after thought, we plan from the beginning how this campaign will work on social media as well as on traditional media and your website. This is just a little example of how we can get your project working for you.

Social Media

The Right Tools For The Right Job. Every Time.

Video Filming

With the latest video cameras, lenses, tripods, lighting and the right expertise, we create the highest quality videos in Melbourne. Nothing is left to chance. We have been filming for over 10 years and have “been there done that”. Nothing is too difficult or too big or small.

Sound Recording and Voice Over

It can be argued that audio is one of the most important parts of video so we don’t leave it to chance. With the latest remote lapel mic’s and the best studio voice over microphones you’re guaranteed a quality product!

Video Editing Suites

Our edit suites are the top of the range. The latest hardware and software keep us ahead of the field. By also having multiple editing suites we have the facilities to meet any demanding deadline. Our experts love their work. Nothing is impossible.